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The evening as it bid goodbye had a surreal golden glow, that made those cotton white clouds on those pristine blue skies shine with unmatched glory as their reflections made the leaves look just dried enough to make it feel like autumn. As the air around grew colder she warmed her heart with the pipping hot chai the aroma of cardamom filled the vicinity, her long tresses laid out open as she soaked in all the sun she could before the night settled in.

It was her favorite time of the day, she had always loved the sun, it made her feel alive and had with it memories that she had safely tucked away into her own talisman. Now as she looked on as the sun found its way home she desperately longed for hers, as her only companion in this strange land sunk into the far west.

The door bell rang and her whole family was home again, the tranquil sunset was now in the past as she busied herself into others dreams. In the rush she forgot hers and her chai was set aside as she closed the windows and made her way into the kitchen again.


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