A Wish to Flourish

Living in the mess

through the dusty tracks surviving

a messy bun of your hair

a messier heart still thriving.

Hoping against hope

climbing against the slope

in the mundane routine dreaming.

Through the 9 to 5 wishing

the empty travelogues calling

the unread novels pilling.

The alarm on your bedside blaring

don’t snooze dismiss its time you started flourishing!


In response to writing prompt : Flourish


3 thoughts on “A Wish to Flourish

  1. Flourish and fly for the flamboyance you buy,
    Never look down for the hopes so high,
    Climb and conquer for the castle you deserve,
    Shining bright and never you swerve,
    Leaving behind the mundane musing that messed you up,
    For the alarm twinkling 5 to 9 will always pass by,
    Will always pass by,

    Rise high and shine. #wonderful poem

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